VertexFX Backoffice Automation

Everything you need for efficient and effective VertexFX Backoffice and order management. We help your Backoffice reduce order management cost. The Backoffice automation service is designed for both established and start up brokerage firms. As a new startup company, we assist our clients with online platform implementation using the award-winning trading platform, VertexFX Trader. Our team will setup and configure the Backoffice, establish parameters such as list of products, client group, admin privilege, margins, spreads and order and risk management automation. For already established brokerage firms, we offer an advanced order management client segregation strategies. Automation of order management, creation of A Book and B Book models. This includes advanced tools and techniques of price aggregation, customer profiling based on trading activity and automated response implementations. Our Prime focus is on development speed, low fraction of cost, flexible security models, tighter execution environment integration and stringent control of operation risk are all major priorities.